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Up a Creek!
1 DEC 08
Rain-soaked Honey Mushrooms along a forest trail.
Tiny ruby-colored mushrooms add colorful accents to the leaf-littered forest floor.
Very unusual royal blue mushroom.
Only this single example in the immediate area. Perhaps it's a type of lycaria.
Tongues of coral fungus: very small, hardly noticeable.
Example of a newly emerged Artist Conk. It enveloped a leaf as it expanded.
A year from now, it will look like this in size and shelf-like shape.
A nest of mushrooms in a tangle of fallen tree branches.
A single, delicate-edged mushroom pushes it way towards the light.
Slippery Jack mushroom covered with horrible white slime fungus.
Oyster mushrooms above a creek murmuring to itself in a sheltered canyon.
Creek-side fallen tree hosts an impressive number of oyster mushrooms.
An adult California Newt foraging openly among creek-side boulders.
Far more secretive, this Yellow-eyed Ensatina Salamander is almost entirely nocturnal.
On the hunt: a very small California Newt searching for food.
It watches for insect movement in dark cavities beneath a rain-soaked log.
So intent in its search for quarry, it took no notice of me.
Hello . . .
Silent symphony: a single flourish followed by a string of pleasing notes.
Catching the sun's rays, Coastal Wood Ferns illuminate a forest trail.
Fallen leaves sink into decay nourishing the soil for next year's fall colors display.
Buckeye seed on a somber bed of decaying leaves.
A yellow Banana Slug inches towards its next meal: bay tree nuts.
Well camouflaged, a spotted green banana slug glides slowly over a carpet of leaves.
White coral fungus reaches for the light in a bed of forest compost.
The forest knows where you are. Let it find you.
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