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Annual Sulfur Polypore
August 2014
For decades a sulfur polypore fungi has emerged from one of the decaying stumps in the foreground.
It is likely the three stumps are from a single coast live oak and share a common root system.
The micro organism producing the polypores resides deep within the root structure and surrounding soil.
Why only one of the three stumps produces a polypore annually is unknown.
Polypores expand rapidly engulfing twigs, grasses and leaves in their path.
Often a single fan-shaped fruiting body forms with "tongues" protruding in various directions.
Normally, this polypore would expand until it closed the distance between its fruiting bodies.
However, due to the current severe drought, it stopped growing and began drying out within a few days.
Sadly, 2014 was the last year this polypore bloomed.
Falling leaves, first sign of autumn.
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