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Up a Creek!
26 DEC 05
Recent rain storms significantly increased
creek levels throughout the watershed.
Wild mushrooms sprouted quickly in the rain saturated forest.
Storm runoff sent more than flotsam & jetsam tumbling down stream.
Adult California Newts converge at the base of a oak tree.
During another observation at this location, noticed a newt without an eye.
A line of new growth mushrooms emerge from beneath a log.
A tiny California Newt explores its forest home.
Wet forests are perfect habitat for Banana Slugs.
Another baby newt surveys its surroundings
from a safe place among the ferns.
Too much rain will saturate and dissolve most wild mushrooms.
An adult California Newt explores its habitat.
Tiny mushrooms carpet the wet forest floor.
Singly and in groups, these newts remained fixed at this location
for several minutes while using their scent glands to mark it .
Scent markings enable newts to define their breeding territories .
Like globs of caramel, a pair of wild mushrooms.
Parasols for fairy folk: tiny wild mushrooms.
Dry most of the year, rain water cascades down a narrow streambed.
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